The deepest of all singing voices

bass baritone voice
Samuel Ramey & Quilico
Samuel Ramey & Gino Quilico in Don Carlos

The deepest of all singing voices, the bass is also the darkest and heaviest. The range for this voice type stretches from F below the bass clef staff to F, with register transitions taking place from chest to middle C and the passaggio from chest to head voice at D above middle C. Famous examples include Barry White, Billy Currington and Tennessee Ernie Ford, Cesare Siepi and Samuel Ramey.

A Tenor’s voice range

The range of a tenor
stretches around two octaves, from just below C to just above the high
C. The transition between lower and middle voice is not particularly
noticeable, but there is what we call a passaggio. The passaggio is were
the voice transistions from the lower register to the higher register
and demands a passage. famous examples of this voice type include Luciano Pavarotti, Justin Timberlake and Stevie Wonder and Enrico Caruso.


The deeper and darker female voices


Mezzo or Alto. Can often sing the high notes like a soprano, but won’t feel comfortable staying there for a very long time. This is because of tessitura. What is tessitura? Its basically your vocal register. Most mezzos prefer to stay in the middle register, from the G note below the middle C to a high B or C. Mezzo soprano voices tend to have deeper and darker voices. Famous examples include k.d.lang and Karen Carpenter, Teressa Berganza and Cecilia Bartoli.